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Seismic surveys


All-terrain seismic acquisition concept.

SN388 is the first in the family of Sercel SN seismic data acquisition systems with the reputation of the highest reliability, provision of total pre and post shot quality control of every aspect of the spread.

The SN388 architecture includes packages such as SQC-PRO that runs on an advanced UNIX Workstation directly interfaced to the SN388, Acquisition Processing Module (APM). SQC-PRO offers a powerful tool for real-time quality assurance and quality control of seismic data at the recording site along with the packages for on-line, real-time Vibrator Quality Control (VQC) processing. These provide the opportunity to check and adjust vibrators position and source single parameters.

For Vibroseis operations, the standard HCI software runs complete remote control of the VE416 or VE432 vibrator electronic parameters. During operations, the VE416 or VE432 vibrator status information is received in real-time for storage and Vibrator Quality Control (VQC) analysis.

SN388 can be configured with up to 16 - 1200 channel recording modules providing a total spread capacity of 19,200 channels at a 2ms sample rate, and maximum channel capacity expands to 38,400 at a 4ms sample rate.
The field recording units SN388 (SU1) are packaged into sealed, waterproof aluminium cast cases, and can operate in a temperature range from -40 °C to 70 °C.

A specially designed set of cables and connectors provides the optimal speed and flexibility for deployment and roll along as well as for moving around obstacles and changing terrain.

GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics apply its equipment mostly for geothermal prospecting.



Magirus/Deutz Model 130D12 Recorder truck with recorder cab and 32kva generator



Recorder truck in production

Recorder truck close to apiary

Seismic line along sugar beet field

  Sercel SN388 seismic data acquisition telemetry



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-> Recorder SN388
-> SQC-Pro

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SQC-Pro soft view


Examples of VQC88 output

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VERIF-I vibrator similarity sofware



Sandwich box

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Some of the key features of the Sandwich box kit are:

Acquisition using independent accelerometers
Fully independent analysis
Quick and easy to use
Single cable between Sandwich Box and vibrator
No limit to sweep length
3 Hz to 1600 Hz bandwidth
Automatic start time error determination
Single page plot of all graphical results
Completely PC controlled
Rugged construction for use in adverse conditions

Other forms of vibrator QC use the vibrator controller accelerometers to measure vibrator motion. The Sandwich Box system includes external accelerometers which are used to record vibrator motion, thus providing a check of the whole system including the system accelerometers.

The Sandwich Box system can be used to measure the time difference between the vibrator and recording truck reference sweeps allowing the operator to adjust the start time delay and minimise vibrator timing errors.

The system allows a comprehensive evaluation of vibrator operation without specialised knowledge of vibrators or computers. The software features an intuitive user interface and automated data processing.

A real time display of accelerometer and reference signals during the sweep highlights any problems during data acquisition, using magnetically-mounted accelerometers coupled with our dedicated software.


High performance Geophone HF-10


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-> HF-10
-> Ultraphone UM2

Geophone string

Geophone testing



SU-1 field unit

  Field equipment testing at GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics base









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Production along the road with the permit of the local authorities  

Local population curiosity and interest


  Seismic in densely populated area regarding safe operational parameters


3D survey for hard rock minerals exploration

GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics tractor ready for vibrator transportation


Vibrator delivered to the site