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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy



Zero impact on the environment


In line with IAGC Land Geophysical Operations - Safety Manual, IAGC Environmental Guidelines for Worldwide Geophysical Operations, GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics is committed to sustaining the highest standards of human health, operational safety, environmental protection, quality improvement and community goodwill.
Our QHSE policies are designed to:



Continually improve our product quality and HSE performance in accordance with the geophysical industry benchmark  
  - Comply with the relevant industry standards, applicable legislative and other requirement  
  - Provide adequate resources for implementing and managing QHSE Management System effectively  

Provide competent personnel who are suitably qualified, trained and equipped so they embrace our QHSE standards and procedures  

Create a company where QHSE goals and results are equal in importance to our other operating objectives  


Our QHSE system is developing by searching a continual improvement of the life of our employees, the efficiency of all of our operations, the safety of the public, the safeguarding of the environment thereby contributing to the sustainable future and building relationship of mutual trust with the customers, employees and the community it serves.


  Seismic survey - environmentaly friendly exploration of minerals



  Safe operation for the constructions



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