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Dear Sirs,

GALLEGO TECHNIC Geophysics (former Gallego Technic) is a medium-scale geophysical servicing company based in France.

The great experience of the international contractor, gained during more than 20 years in numerous seismic surveys for geothermal prospecting, exploration of oil, water, hard rock minerals, seismological studies, VSP jobs for Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, CGGVeritas, Sercel, DMT, HiSeis Pty Ltd, other companies, allowed recently to expand the company’s portfolio with the offer of 2D/3D seismic survey of any scope including the 1day/1line projects.

We apply the reliable Sercel SN388 recording system with SQC-Pro data quality control and Mertz vibrators, equipped with VE432 electronics. Versatile equipment configuration allows to meet the most stringent seismic conditions :

- To approach the target coordinate maximum closely even in the urban areas;
- To optimize the production period with the deployment of field equipment sufficient to provide spread up to 1000 channels;
- To supply the equipment to the site immediately upon request by our own transport to meet the start-up deadline.

We are ready to regard cost-effective solutions to meet the Client’s demands providing the industry standard technical expertise and data quality at an interesting price with the permanent technical excellence and efficiency. 
Looking forward I believe, that with our mobility and flexibility of a small company along with the proper performance level of  the major players, we are able to meet the challenge and achieve the goal providing our services to our clients domestic and abroad to overcome this epoch of instabilities together. 


Pierre Gallego
General Manager













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